The Benefits of An Ashiatsu Massage

Daily life, our posture, and our routines can put a lot of stress on our backs and bodies. Those experiencing this type of stress on their bodies may experience aches and pains that worsen day by day or with certain movements or activities. When such body aches, pain, and discomfort persists, it can begin to have a detrimental impact on your well being, as it can drain your energy and become mentally exhausting when you think about dealing with the pain for another day.

For decades, the art of massage has been proven to give relief and restoration to a person’s body. The strokes along the muscles can loosen muscle tension, improve posture, and help with blood flow. There is a range of massage therapy techniques available, most of them relying on the hands to provide the massage process. However, there is another technique that uses the feet for the treatment. This technique is called Ashiatsu massage.

What Is An Ashiatsu Massage?

In the Japenese language, Ashiatsu translates to foot pressure. This barefoot massage technique has been performed for thousands of years, deeply rooted in Asia and India. Today, many massage therapists perform this massage style by positioning themselves above the client while holding onto parallel bars that are attached to the ceiling. This is why these massages are also commonly referred to as ‘ashiatsu oriental bar therapy’.

To properly apply pressure, the therapist utilizes the bars to balance themselves above clients, using their feet to apply pressure across the client’s body. The gravity and pressure allow the therapist to provide deep, long strokes over the body to combat muscle tension. Often essential oils, creams, or lotions will be applied to the body prior to the Ashiatsu massage technique to further release muscle tension and to provide a more satisfying experience.

The Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage

As hinted at above, one of the main benefits of an ashiatsu massage is that it allows the massage therapist to apply more pressure than they would otherwise be able to if they only used their hands. This can be especially beneficial for clients dealing with chronic tension that can’t be relieved with a traditional deep-tissue massage. By targeting specific pressure points, the massage therapist’s variety of pressure and movements can help decompress the spine in a way that may help relieve pinched nerves and back spasms. Here are some additional benefits this massage technique offers:


  • Reduces Chronic Pain. Because ashiatsu massages apply pressure to the deeper layers of soft tissue, the technique can be effective at relieving chronic pain. In addition to loosening muscles, the pressure helps increase the circulation that reduces inflammation that causes pain.
  • Improves Flexibility. The long, gravity-assisted, strokes of an ashiatsu massage broaden and lengthen the muscle fibers. By stretching the tissues in two different directions, this technique is effective and efficient at improving and restoring flexibility.
  • Deep Tissue With Discomfort. Traditional deep tissue massage employs thumbs, fists, and elbows to apply pressure. They are often associated with discomfort and sometimes bruising. Ashiatsu massages deliver up to three times as more pressure than with traditional hands-on treatments. With ashiatsu massages, you get the same extra range of movement and decrease in chronic tension relief without having to endure painful strokes.
  • Restores Energy. You are suffering from fatigue, stress or lethargy, an Ashiatsu massage is an excellent treatment to help you get back to feeling renewed and like your old self. Your massage therapist will be able to identify areas of stress and tension, and work out any knots that are making you feel tensed up to help you feel restored and energized.


In addition to all this, these massages help clients a chance to completely unwind from the stress of daily life. By the massage therapist using their feet and the weight of their entire body to apply pressure, clients are able to get the relief they need in an unobtrusive and gentle manner.

Ready To Try An Ashiatsu Massage?

At Colorado Massage, our massage therapists specialize in Ashiatsu massages, using tension-tackling movements and techniques to apply a deep pressure on the client’s body. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of an Ashiatsu massage, book a treatment online! If you have questions or want to learn if this massage treatment is right for you, contact our professional massage therapists today to receive more information!